Understanding of Participation


At Be A Blessing we are honored to be collaborating with your organization as a humanitarian partner. Our sole purpose is to partner with you and your team in helping promote and secure the essential needs of your client(s) that are outside of your normal scope of work.

We ask that you please read and accept the following conditions for your organization and team in using the Be A Blessing platform. Violation of any of these could result in removal from the platform.

  • I understand that my organization and clients must physically reside in the United States and that Be A Blessing is not offering international aid, at this point.

  • I understand there is no charge or financial risk for my organization and team members to use the Be A Blessing platform.

  • I understand that Be A Blessing will not use my organizations logo or name without prior consent however I do understand that on the website any campaign posted by my team will show the team members name, optional photo, organization name and title. I understand this is for purposes of transparency, and to instill confidence with prospective donors that these requests have been vetted and posted by professionals in the field.

  • I understand that Be A Blessing is designed to provide anonymity for our client(s) and that my team does not have to share any identifiable information on the client(s). I understand that if identifiable information is shared it is the sole responsibility of my organization to obtain the proper release form from the client(s).

  • I and my team agree to be truthful in the information we post and to only request the needs that would be beneficial to the well-being of our client(s). We understand that any content submitted by our organization, we have all the necessary rights and releases to do so and that we are responsible for the legality, reliability and appropriateness of the information.

  • I understand the importance of my team, by their own choice, to be co-promoters of their respective campaigns on their personal social media accounts so the needs of the client(s) might be met sooner.

  • I understand there is no guarantee that our posted campaigns(s) will be fulfilled, and that the success of each campaign is entirely dependent on the public at-large responding and contributing to meet the required financial goal.

  • I understand that if a campaign does not reach goal, that any funds contributed will be redirected to another current campaign organized by my organization. If none are available, the donations will be redirected to another ‘like’ campaign currently underway on the website in an effort to maintain donor’s enthusiasm in the program.

  • I and my team agree to keep our contact information current with Be A Blessing and to be responsive to any emails and/or calls from the Be A Blessing Fulfillment Specialist.

  • I understand that all items purchased by Be A Blessing will be shipped to our organizations address on file and that our team member will deliver the item(s) to the client unless it’s large and requires a shipping company to deliver directly to the client. I understand that in this situation, Be a Blessing will work directly with our team to coordinate the delivery.

  • I understand that Blessings Through Actions, Be A Blessing, donors, vendors, sponsors and others affiliated with Be A Blessing in a ‘non client referring party’ role take no responsibility nor assume any liability for the content that my organization and team chooses to provide.

I and my team hereby affirm my acceptance to abide to the conditions of Be A Blessing, a program of Blessings Through Action, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. I confirm that I have the necessary authority to affirm this Understanding of Participation on behalf of my organization by clicking the acceptance box.