General FAQ's

Things to Know About Our Program

An initiative that is the brainchild of social service and nonprofit workers who envisioned a safe place to list the needs of their clients with the hope of connecting caring individuals like you to help.

Social service and nonprofit workers identify an essential need of their client, post the need on Be A Blessing, and then it’s up to you, the donor, to bless someone in need.

Some programs exist to inspire neighbors to help neighbors in a local community, which is great! But with Be A Blessing we knew from our experience that in many communities there are no neighbors with resources to help their fellow neighbors in their time of need. We intentionally designed the program so that clients living anywhere in the U.S. would have an equal opportunity to receive assistance.

We are a program of Blessings Through Action, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

Yes. The amount you contribute is fully tax-deductible since you will not be receiving any goods or services in exchange for your gift.

Employees of social service agencies, nonprofits and other community service groups, that have been approved by their employer, can use this platform to post the needs of their clients. Before they get started, their organization must complete an online application so we can verify its legitimacy before launching any campaigns.

Campaigns must meet the needs of people living in the United States who are experiencing a financial difficulty that prevents them from meeting some of their most basic needs at home.

Essential household appliances, clothing, shoes, bedding, baby items, general auto, general home items, electronics and outdoor needs. Items that are considered essential by the social or nonprofit worker and will improve the current situation of their clients.

Yes! Each organization and its team members posting a campaign are responsible to ensure the needs are legitimate to maintain integrity and donor confidence in the program.

The program was developed to provide anonymity since some organizations are unable to provide such information. More importantly, we see no need to embarrass these individuals who are already emotionally fragile and worn down from their situation. Not posting their photo doesn’t lessen the reality of the struggling person’s situation, and shouldn’t be a factor for prospective donors that have come to help a fellow human in their time of need. We thank you for understanding.

Funding given to the campaign will be redirected to another campaign organized by the social service or nonprofit worker and/or their organization. If none are available, the funds are redirected to another ‘like’ campaign to ensure that a donor’s intent of helping someone in need is upheld.

Yes, we are a program under the umbrella of Blessings Through Action, a faith-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

No, we understand from our focus groups it would limit some organizations from participating. That would be counterproductive to what was placed in our hearts to change lives, communities and hearts through simple, caring acts of service, generosity and love. Fulfilling Matthew 5:16: In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven.

This solely depends on the response of the donor community, but our system allows campaigns to remain active on the Be A Blessing website for up to 90 days.

Each campaign goal has a small fulfilment and donation fee included to ensure that all related costs to providing this free service are covered.

A small contingency fee is built into each campaign goal to ensure that any increase in the cost of an item is covered. In the event the price remained the same, or even better, the item was now on sale, 100% of both the collected contingency fee and any price savings will be redirected to support another ‘like’ campaign.

Our goal is to launch an APP version of the Be A Blessing site when funding becomes available however our website is mobile design responsive.