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Designed By Your Peers

How It Works For You

As a social service or nonprofit worker, we know you shoulder much in the journey of fulfilling your life’s passion of helping others. We know at times you feel overwhelmed with the workload, especially in meeting the many needs of your clients. This is where we come in! The Be A Blessing program was designed by your peers as a FREE way for you to connect with prospective donors from across the nation. We built it with total anonymity in mind, allowing you to protect the identity and location of your clients. Plus, to ensure fairness, we even designed the program so that clients living anywhere in the U.S. can have an equal opportunity to receive assistance, especially those in rural America where local support is minimal or non-existent.

Registering Your Organization

To participate, you must first register your organization so we’re able to confirm the information. This is an important safeguard to protect our donors and the integrity of the program. Once we’ve completed the confirmation process and have approved the organization to participate, the assigned point-person will be able to invite all remaining team members to register their individual accounts so they can begin helping their clients. It’s that easy!

What to Expect

Create Account
For security, your organization must first create an account on the Be A Blessing website.
Create Campaign

Once approved, you’re ready to build your first campaign using our retail-like shopping system.

Goal Setting
No worries, our fulfillment specialists will handle all of the pricing to ensure that an appropriate campaign financial goal is set to cover all related costs.
Building Awareness

When your campaign launches, we will work together to spread the word.

Campaign Completion

If the goal is met, we order and ship the items directly to you so you have the special honor of delivering

the blessing to your client.

Registering Your Organization

Things to Know Before You Start

We are a program of Blessings Through Action, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

Absolutely nothing! Our site is free for your use.

Employees of social service agencies, nonprofits and other community service groups that have been approved by their employer can use this platform to post the needs of their clients.

To ensure integrity in the program, we require that all individuals using the Be A Blessing platform be currently employed by a social service, nonprofit or organization serving the economically challenged. Applying organizations will be verified via their assigned Employee Identification Number (EIN), organizations website and a verification process. Local and state agencies that assist the underserved citizens of their community are also eligible to participate since their funding is generally restricted for specific uses, which ordinarily does not include providing certain items for their clients.

The organization and each team member will electronically sign a basic Understanding of Participation.

First step is for your organization to register an account. Be A Blessing will then perform a verification of the information provided. Once approved, the appointed admin of the organization’s account will invite each team member to participate via a special link sent to them from Be A Blessing. Team members will then create their own individual accounts and, when the need arises, will officially be ready to build campaigns for their clients. Once you’ve built your campaign, our team of Fulfillment Specialists will determine the financial goal for the campaign by pre-shopping for the items you’ve requested. Once completed, you’ll receive a notice from our team that the campaign is now live on the website. This is when you can start sharing on your personal social media platforms a link for your followers and supporters to help support your campaign and, more important, so they too can share the link with their network so the campaign reaches a larger audience. On our end, we will be promoting your campaign along with the many other campaigns we support to ensure that your needs reach prospective donors across the nation. When your campaign goal has been reached our team will purchase and ship the items to you. You then have the privilege of delivering the blessing to your clients.
We will not use your organization’s logo or name without prior consent; however, each published campaign on the Be A Blessing website does show the social worker’s first name and last name initial along with the organization they represent. This is for purposes of transparency and to instill confidence with prospective donors that these requests have been vetted and posted by professionals in the field.

Campaigns must meet the needs of people living in the United States who are experiencing a financial difficulty that prevents them from meeting some of their most basic needs at home.

Essential household appliances, clothing, shoes, bedding, baby items, general auto, general home items, electronics and outdoor needs. Items that are considered essential by the social or nonprofit worker and will improve the current situation of their clients.

Each organization and its team members are responsible to ensure the needs are legitimate to maintain integrity and donor confidence in the program.

When building out a campaign you will do the following:
  • provide a name associated with the campaign, i.e. last name of client. (for internal use only and to help you identify the campaign in the event you have multiple campaigns running).
  • provide basic demographic info (for statistical purposes only).
  • provide a zip code for the client (for data purposes only).
  • provide specifics on the items being requested, i.e. refrigerator size, clothing size,
  • make/model/size of car tires, etc. Be sure it’s accurate because returns are limited.
  • create a descriptive story about the client that helps prospective donors have a better understanding of the overall situation. Providing a compelling and succinctly written narrative will strengthen your campaign.
  • provide a photo that visually inspires. This should be a non-identifying photo! If no photo is available, our team will upload a basic stock photo.
  • share the link to your campaign with followers, supporters and your community of care by encouraging them to share with their network.

No. The program was developed to provide anonymity since some organizations are unable to provide such information. If your organization is able to use a photo of the client, it is your responsibility to obtain the proper release form from the client.

Because we are unable to guarantee that a campaign will be fully funded, we recommend holding off on informing them unless you require specific sizes and other pertinent information to ensure that the correct items are requested. In this case, we recommend that you provide them with as little information possible about your intent so as to minimize any disappointment should the campaign not be fully funded.

At the conclusion of a successfully funded campaign, all items will be shipped to the organization address on file unless special circumstances exist, i.e. item is extremely heavy or bulky, worker is stationed outside of the main address of record, etc.

We believe it’s important for you to hand deliver the items to your client to ensure they are received and to have the opportunity to experience such an uplifting moment.

No, some campaigns may not get funded, and because 2020/21 will be our first year of service it’s too early to forecast. Like all new initiatives of a nonprofit, it takes time to grow.

Yes, we are a program under the umbrella of Blessings Through Action, a faith-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

No, we understand from our focus groups it would limit some organizations from participating. That would be counterproductive to what was placed in our hearts to change lives, communities and hearts through simple, caring acts of service, generosity and love. Fulfilling Matthew 5:16: In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven.

At this time, we do not have enough history under our belt to answer this question; however, our system allows campaigns to remain live on the Be A Blessing website for up to 90 days. Once we have some data to share, we will update this answer.
Each campaign is live on our website for up to 90 days and has a small amount of contingency funding built into the overall goal to help when a shortfall is apparent. In the event the difference between funds raised and funds needed is too great, the campaign will conclude as an unfunded campaign and no items will be purchased. Any funds that were raised will be redirected to another campaign currently posted by you or your organization. If there are no other campaigns, all funds will be redirected to a ‘like’ campaign to ensure that we honor each donor’s intentions. At this time, we are unable to hold funds and/or credit organizations. In the future this may become an option as the program evolves.
Significantly heavy or bulky items can be shipped directly to the client’s address or to another address designated by you, such as a a local civic group willing to complete the delivery of a refrigerator. Our team will coordinate this with you upon completion of the campaign.
This is totally based on the immediate needs of your client(s) and you may open additional campaigns when new needs arise.

Each campaign goal has a small fulfilment and donation fee included to ensure that all related costs to providing this free service are covered. At times these costs may be offset by corporate partners.

Although we hope this will be a rarity due to careful identification of needs when establishing your campaign, a ‘Return’ option will accompany the confirmation emailed when each item is shipped. If you must initiate a return, then our team of Fulfillment Specialists will then contact you for next steps.