Let our life, words and deeds bring joy and happiness to all

It's in Our DNA

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Our Story. Our Purpose.

Through the many years of volunteering and working for nonprofits, our team has witnessed senior citizens, families and others in both rural and metro areas experiencing difficult times caused by illness, disability, job loss and other causes beyond their control. We’ve observed the frustrations of amazing social service and nonprofit workers unable to meet all of the diverse needs of their clients. Our hearts have ached at seeing people unable to repair or purchase items such as broken kitchen and laundry appliances, flat tires preventing access to work, clothing for school or work, basic household furnishings/needs, and so many other situations impacting their quality of life. Things we take for granted.

We asked the workers and agencies, “How can we make the lives of your clients better?” We convened focus groups, hearing the hopes and dreams of these passionate workers. We listened to their concerns, preferences and need for client anonymity. The solution became evident: to develop a safe online site for them to post validated client needs so that neighborly love could spread across the country, uplifting our fellow Americans in their time of need. An initial gift was received allowing us to build the needed software and Be A Blessing officially launched in 2020. If our community service has taught us anything, it’s that human kindness through strangers helping strangers, meeting even the simplest of needs, can absolutely restore hope where hope seemed lost

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Our First Act of Kindness.

A Seed Planted
with Love.

You would have been blessed to meet Bob Beck, a kind and gentle soul that loved helping others and sharing God’s word. He was the epitome of human kindness. He firmly believed that one is truly blessed when they are blessing others.


Shortly after Bob’s passing his loving wife provided a generous gift to help underwrite the development of the Be A Blessing online technology platform. She knew that by providing the seed funding to construct the needed website and software for the program, Bob’s contagious spirit of kindness would permeate across the nation for generations to come.

Trust. Confidence. Impact.

Designed with Purpose!

Campaigns Verified

Campaigns are posted by social service and nonprofit workers only.

Privacy Respected

Identities of the recipients are not disclosed.

Donations Directed

Donors select the campaign they wish to support.

Needs Fulfilled

Items are purchased and shipped by our team of Fulfillment Specialists.

Delivered with Love

Items are hand-delivered by Social Service and Nonprofit Workers.